Table Tennis Videos

Table tennis videos is all about having fun, you’ll find videos from the amazing to the down right funny, most of the videos you’ll see here are from youtube, you’ll also see some from google and yahoo, maybe I’ll even find some from other video sites as well, as long as there good they’ll be up here

You’ll also find great advice on how to play the game; getting that top spin forehand just right or perfecting that serve. With all the rules on playing the game and reviews of table tennis tables, paddles, which balls to use and that’s just the start

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Each page that teaches you a different aspect of the game, (let's say a topspin forehand) will have a video to show the shot as well, so you’ll be able to read how to do it as well as see it… To get you started, watch this video…

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Playing Table Tennis (How to play table tennis)
Playing table tennis, the rules of how to play table tennis, tactics and strategies, how to hit all the different shots and some fun alternatives to the standard rules
Table Tennis Balls
All about table tennis balls, what size to use, how to fix dented ones, and info on the different colours
Table Tennis Reviews
Find table tennis reviews on paddles, nets tables and even table tops…
TableTennis Links, lots of great sites all about tabletennis
Tabletennis links, find websites to do with tabletennis and sports in general, but only if they're the best there are...
Table Tennis Terminology, Terms
Table tennis terminology, some common terms used in table tennis, find out about the terminology in table tennis here
Online Table Tennis Lessons, Free Games, Shopping, Forums
All the online table tennis info you could want, where to play table tennis online, a guide to shopping for table tennis equipment, lessons, and where the best table tennis forum is.
Table Tennis Video Clip, Videos, Clips
Table tennis video, videos, clips. All in one easy to find place, maybe you’ll watch a funny table tennis video clip, maybe you’ll watch an amazing one. What ever you want to watch you'll find it here
History of Table Tennis
The History of Table Tennis, how it began, how it’s developed over the years and how it might be in the future.
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