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Online table tennis, there’s so much of it, games (free and paid), shopping online for table tennis equipment, and also where you can talk to others about table tennis. So here you’ll find what I think is the best. The best online table tennis games, guides to help you get the most out of shopping online for table tennis equipment and which forums to use.

I’ll also be showing you where the best table tennis lessons are. On this page you’ll get a brief description and a link to the one that I think is the best either a table tennis lesson or an online table tennis game that you can play strait away online. Then at the bottom of this page you can click on the category that interests you most to get more information and links.

OK so let’s start with playing table tennis online. At the moment I think this is the best online table tennis game as you can play strait away, it’s easy to get the hang of, and you’ll have lots of fun playing. Here’s the link. Click Here for Teagames

Now let’s take a look at the best online table tennis lessons. I like this site because it’s got the most detail that I’ve seen so far with lot’s of lessons on how to move the body and improve your game. Here’s the link:

This is the best forum I’ve found so far with a great group of people and really good conversations with beginners right through to veterans of the sport. Denis' Table Tennis Forum

If you’d like any more info on online games or lessons then click on the link that interests you. You’ll also find guides for table tennis shopping and where to buy the best equipment.

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