Playing Table Tennis
(How To Play Table Tennis)

Playing table tennis can be one of the most enjoyable pass times there is, first though there are a few things that you should know. We’ll start with some basics like how you should be hitting the ball over the net, the scoring, serving, and basic shots.

Then we’ll get a bit more advanced. I’ll show you how to put spin on the ball, top spin back spin, side spin. Grips that you can use when holding the paddle, a full run down of the rules and I’ll even include video clips to go with all this information.

I’ll also be going through drills and strategies to get the upper hand over your opponent; whether it be a singles or doubles match. If you get bored with the standard rules don’t worry, I’ll be taking you through some of my favourite alternative ways of playing the table tennis game.

Table Tennis Dimension

Basic Table Tennis Rules

The Topspin Forehand

The Topspin Serve

Backspin and Side Spin

Other Fun Table Tennis Games

The Table Tennis Grip

Table Tennis Drills and Strategies

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