History of Table Tennis

History of table tennis: most people know what table tennis is like now but what was it like a long time ago. Not many people know and it’s very hard to find any concrete evidence of how it really began so here I’ll be taking you through what most people believe it to be.

First a brief history of table tennis: In England in the 1800s it was an after dinner affair for the upper class. It was more a copy of tennis which was more popular at the time. On their dinning table they’d put some books for the net a cork from a bottle of Champagne that had been rounded for the ball and a cigar box for a racket.

As the game became more popular companies started to make equipment for the game and it kept getting more and more popular until it became the game we know today. It was introduced into the Olympics in 1988. So that’s the brief history of table tennis. Click on the links blow for more details.

Table Tennis History
A quick look at the history of table tennis.

The History of Table Tennis, in the beginning...
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