Table Tennis Balls

Table tennis balls come in different sizes, if you want to have some fun then the oversize balls 44mm (such as Schildkrot Jumbo over size balls) are great as you can get more spin on them. They're also great for beginners, as they’re easier to play with and control.

The normal size is 40mm and is great if you want to get used to the way the professionals play. Get some good quality ones such as stiga as a lot of the cheaper ones are smaller in size and will break very easily.

Then there are all the different colours that you can get, most common apart from white would be orange, but you can get almost any colour. You’ll find some colours hard to see depending on what colour your table is. It can be quite funny as you might find that you’re missing a lot of easy shots this way. So try some different colours if you want to be less serious and have more fun.

If you have some dented balls that you want to fix then put them into a cup and poor really hot water over them, the balls should pop back into shape, and if it’s a really stubborn dent then use boiling water.

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