A Table Tennis Tournament

My table tennis tournament was in a month and I was fretting already. I had been winning every match in my high school for a year but my nerves were frayed now. The thought of winning a big trophy with a $10,000 check was electrifying but making me nervous too. I had to win to get more glory at my school and to get some cash in my account.

A fortnight before the tournament, I asked my dad to practice with me in the garage. We had an old table tennis table there since I was a kid. Just like me, my father was quite passionate about sports. I kept winning every match from him, and I felt he was letting me win because he knew I was fuddled with anxiousness. This was making me slightly irritated. He insisted we head back in to watch the ball game on TV with dinner, but I asked him to play another game with me. I could tell he was tired, but being irritated always made me do irrational things. My dad said ‘no’ and my anger rose. I threw the racket to the side and went to my room.

My anger got the better off me as ill thoughts entered my brain... I knew I was going to win and have enough money to leave my parents. I could live on my own easily.

With this notion in my head, I began packing a bag and decided to leave home.

When I went downstairs with my bags over my shoulder, my mom and dad were alarmed. They followed me till my car, asking me where I was going and what was wrong with me. But my anger allowed no space for forgiveness or love for them. I pulled out my car from the driveway and headed to my best friend Mike’s house.

I stayed with Mike till the tournament, hoping the money I win would let me rent my own apartment afterwards. The day of the tournament, the crowd cheered every time I had a game with the other players from different high schools. I was winning every game, and as I absorbed all the excitement from the crowd around me, I saw my parents sitting there cheering on for me. I realized then how much I missed them.

I got ready for my final match with a hardcore student. He was the best from his high school. Our match began. We both were tough competition for each other as we continuously tied the game. But on the last shot, I missed hitting the ball. He had won. My hopes and world crashed down on me.

As the boy happily accepted hugs from his school fellows and grabbed on to his trophy, I walked back towards the back. On the way, my parents came and hugged me. I felt my emotions pouring in and warmth entering my heart. At the end of the day, money, trophies, and glory come and go. And your parents are always there with you through it all.

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Sep 22, 2011
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by: Anonymous

Hey everyone,
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Apr 04, 2011
Table tennis for sale
by: Table Tennis

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