Best Table Tennis Videos

Here are the best table tennis videos that I can find, if I think there a cut above the rest then I’ll put them in here. You might find videos that you’ve already seen on other pages, but only if I think they deserve to be here.

If you think you’ve found a table tennis video that deserves to be here then let me know via the contact page. If I think it’s appropriate for the site I’ll put it up. I can also put recommended by (your name) and any comments that you might want as well.

OK on with the videos, as with the rest of the site I’ll be putting the videos that I believe to be best at the top of the page. Have fun and send me a message to let me know what you think of the site…

Amazing, and what’s more amazing is that this match was a real match and not just an exhibition. From Gilbert Cup ’98. Kim won against Huang, but then Huang won the tournament by beating Grubba in the final.

Have you ever seen someone do a cartwheel in the middle of playing, well here it is...

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