Funny Table Tennis Videos (Clips)

Here we have all the funny table tennis clips; no need for you to go and look for them your self as they’ll all be here in one easy to find place, you’ll see videos ranging from the stupid to the very clever, fast passed and slow

The videos are arranged in order of the ones that I think are the funniest, I’ll only put them up if they’re really good, they won’t all necessarily make you laugh but if they don’t then I’m sure you’ll still have fun watching them

So to sum up you’re about to watch some funny, clever and amusing videos. If you do happen to find some videos that you think would go well on this site then let me know via the contact page and if I think they’re good enough I’ll put them up, I’ll even put recommended by (your name) next to the video if you want… and I'll put comments for the ones I really like

Recommended by Eleanor Jaskowska
I'd love to see these guys live, I've seen a few of there clips and they're all really good

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