Table Tennis Shopping

Table tennis shopping on the internet can be a scary thing so try not to rush into it when buying that new bit of table tennis equipment. First of all take your time, look around the internet, and see if you can find some feedback from customers that have bought what you are looking for.

Ebay can be a good place to shop but make sure the seller has a lot of good feedback before buying and it helps if you’re able to buy via paypal as if something goes wrong or you don’t receive the goods in the mail you can always get a refund, but if you’ve paid with cash or a check you might not see your money again.

Here are the top 5 price comparison sites that should come in handy, if you find something that you want to buy then run a search on one of these sites to find the cheapest place to buy. Usually there will be a rating next to the website to say how good it is, so if you find a really good deal but don't think the website is up to standard then you might be better off paying a bit more.

Price Comparison Sites for Table Tennis Shopping

So when you’re happy with what you want and at a good price you’re ready to pay for it and get it in the mail. Make sure you keep all your email receipts for if something goes wrong and keep the packaging for any equipment that you buy for at least a few months in case something breaks and you have to send it back for a refund.

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