Table Tennis Drills and Strategies

These table tennis drills and strategies should give you some ideas on how to get the upper hand over your opponent. First I’ll start you off with some good drills that will get your skills going and asking for more. Don’t stay on one drill for too long or you might loose interest and in doing so will slow your progress, so try to do less than 10 minutes on each drill.

The drill of repeating a shot over and over again is a great way to learn a new shot fast. So let’s say you wanted to practice your topspin forehand, get your partner (most of these drills are easiest to practice with a partner) to hit the ball over to you with topspin of possible, that way you can both practice your topspin at the same time. Try to get back from the table so that you can put more power and topspin on the ball. Once you get used to putting topspin on the ball you can start to incorporate it into your normal playing and not worry about the repeating drill anymore. You can do this with most new shots that you’re working on.

Now let’s try Aiming the ball. Decide where you’re going to hit it before it gets to you and then see how close you get, starting with big targets like the left or right side of the table, or the middle or end of the table. As you get better at aiming the ball you can start making your targets smaller, eventually aiming for the lines and then oooooo even the sides of the table (OK maybe the sides of the table is being a bit ambitious but still it might give you some good practice).

So table tennis drills should be varied when practicing, try what I have said above and then think of your own ideas to get your skills to a higher level. When you get really good at a shot try one that you’re really bad at and get that really good too, the less weaknesses you have, the more chance you have of catching your opponent off guard and the less chance he or she has of catching you off guard.

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