Table Tennis Paddles

There are so many table tennis paddles out there that it’s hard to pick one, with so many brands, Kettler, Stiga and Butterfly being the main ones. But don’t worry as long as you spend over 5 pounds you’re sure to get one that’s good for starting out, and at that price it’s not going to matter that much what brand you get be it stiga, kettler, or butterfly.

When you get more advanced you’re going to want to try out different types of paddles. Some have more spin, some have more speed. If you can’t afford to buy and try lots of different paddles out then read through these reviews to pick one.

Giant Dragon 6 star Diamond
This is the paddle that I use and although it’s not a very well known brand I find it to be the best paddle under 30 pounds that I’ve used so far. It has so much spin and speed, you’ll be pulling off some really great shots. It doesn’t have as much control as other paddles but once you get used to it you should be able to gain the control. If you want more control you could always go for one of the lower star models but then you won’t have as much speed and spin.

If you want more reviews of the other more popular paddles like stiga, kettler and butterfly then choose one of the links below.

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