Table Tennis Table Top

The table tennis table top is a great way to convert an existing table into a table tennis table. Usually they come in two halves and the net keeps them together. A lot of the time they can be turned over to use as a normal wooden table.

You can get ones that float in the water, if you try one of them then let me know how it goes playing in the pool. You can get them in different sizes to match the table that you’re putting them on.

The table tennis conversion tops that I’ve seen so far don’t come in a full size so if you want a full sized table then you’ll have to get a traditional table rather than just the table tennis top. They can be as cheep as 35 pounds and go right up to over 100.

A great way to get a table top is to find a nice board from somewhere and paint the lines yourself. It needs to be hard so that the ball bounces and thick enough so that the ends don’t bend. Make sure the table or supports are sturdy underneath as you don’t want it falling down on someone, (yes that’s happened to me before)

So to sum up a table top can be a great way to play table tennis if you haven’t got the room or money to have a full size table, you can even get a pool table tennis top that’s designed for a pool table but when it comes down to it nothing beets a full size table. As soon as I’ve had the chance to try some of the retail table tops out I’ll put some reviews up for you.

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