Table Tennis Video Clip Favourites

Table tennis video clip favourites is where you’ll find all your favourite table tennis clips all grouped on this page from the most popular to the least popular. Do you have any favourite video clips that you think should be up here, then go to the contact page and let me know? I’ll even put your name next to the clip if you want.

Kong Linghui vs. Werner Schlager 2003 WTTC
This one had 6 video clips, I didn’t want to leave any of them out as they're all fantastic so I’ve mad a page especially for them,
click here to watch the 6 clips

Kreanga VS Joo, June, 2007

Schlager vs Wanq Liqin
Table Tennis World Cup Barcelona this is the Point of the Tournament

Maze vs. Hao Shaui 48th Table Tennis World's Highlights
Some of these lobs are really too good.

Here’s some footage of Waldner

Wang Liqin Vs Ryu Seung Min

Kreanga vs Legout Table Tennis and it’s in English Yay

Ma Lin Vs Patrick Chila 2006 WTTC

Wang Liqin vs. Ryu Seung Min (in Bremen) Wow!!!

Jorgen Persson vs. Chen Xinhua 1992 ETTC

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